If you are recovering from an injury or training with pain, and you feel like there is a bridge to gap to get back to your training regimen/performance programming, our rehab online coaching is just what you need. This service identifies and addresses the specific functional barriers that limit your full performance potential (mobility, stability and motor control) and includes an in-depth and personalized analysis inspired by Mai-Linh’s clinical experience. A Certified Athletic Therapist (Canada) with over 20 years of experience in clinical and movement rehabilitation and strength and conditioning, Mai-Linh has developed a functional training approach with integrated rehabilitation, which she has utilized with tremendous success for various cases: recovery from cervical and thoracic fractures, fixing low back and shoulder dysfunction, and even correcting movement patterns. This approach has helped people to unleash their full performance potential!


Online coaching allows us to identify what functional gaps exist between your current capacity and the requirements of your training/programming and what compensations you may have incurred secondary to your injury or pain. If needed, we can work in collaboration with your health care provider/therapist and your strength coach/trainer to integrate appropriate re-patterning where needed.


  • Monthly training phases based on your progression from phase to phase
  • Skype intro call (45-60 mins), 2 Skype follow-up calls (15-30mins) on an as-needs basis
  • Video assessment
  • Detailed rehabilitation plan including videos of all exercises
  • Unlimited questions/emails


Your online coaching begins with a Skype kick-off call where we discuss your injury/situation, current function and the requirements of your training regimen/performance programming. Where applicable, we will also take the time to discuss any previous treatment and test results so that we can take into consideration the structural limitations to consider, if any. Your health care provider/therapist and/or strength coach/trainer are welcome to participate in all Skype calls. Further to the intro call, we will proceed with a video assessment.

Results speak for

“Mai-Linh is a very meticulous and a highly professional rehab specialist. The results came quickly: 6 month into cooperation and a year into the injury I am able to lift significant weights, perform backflips and various gymnastics elements I never thought I would be able to do in such a short period of time. Working with Mai-Linh is a pinnacle of training experience.”

Andrew Pituley

Stuntman and lifter

Thank you again for everything you have done for me!!! After 3 years of problems and no results with different professionals, you knew how to find the right solution for me! Thank you!

Pricilla Buisson

Coach and lifter