personalized rehab program

Your personalized rehab program begins with an introductory video call with one of our Rehab-U therapists to discuss your injury/situation, current function and the requirements of your training regimen/performance programming. Where applicable, we will also take the time to discuss any previous treatment and test results so that we can take into consideration the structural limitations to consider, if any. Your health care provider/therapist and/or strength coach/trainer are welcome to participate in all video calls. Further to the introductory call, we will proceed with a video assessment. A second call will also be set up to go through your personalized rehab program and exercise videos with you.

USD 200.00$USD

  • CAD: $CAD 200.00
  • EUR: 200.00€

If you are recovering from an injury or training with pain, and you feel like there is a bridge to gap to get back to your training regimen/performance programming, our personalized rehab program is just what you need. We design personalized rehabilitation programs to bridge the gap between conventional therapy and return to activity.  Our approach aims to support you throughout the recovery process and get you from injured to strong by identifying and addressing the specific functional barriers that limit your full performance potential (mobility, stability and motor control).  Our in-depth and personalized analysis was designed using an approach developed by Mai-Linh Dovan.  This functional training approach with integrated rehabilitation has been utilized with tremendous success for various cases: recovery from cervical and thoracic fractures, fixing low back and shoulder dysfunction, and even correcting movement patterns.  It has helped people to unleash their full performance potential!