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Movement & Performance Therapy Services

Rehab-U approved providers offer Movement & Performance Therapy services. If you are recovering from an injury or training with pain, and you feel like there is a gap to bridge to get back to performance, our providers offer personalized rehabilitation programs that are designed to help you remain active by integrating the necessary elements of your rehabilitation into your training regimen.

Movement & Performance Therapy Specialists provide innovative rehabilitation solutions for active individuals and athletes for a higher level of care that is complementary to the treatment of your injury. Using an approach developed by Mai-Linh Dovan, Movement & Performance Therapy services ensure structure and support throughout your recovery process, making the necessary adjustments to your training to get you from injured to strong.  All programs are delivered via the Rehab-U training app.

*If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a health care professional.

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Approved Providers

  • Mai-Linh Dovan
    • M.Sc., CAT(C)
    • Athletic Therapist
  • Léa Thibault
    • B.SC., CAT(C)
    • Athletic Therapist
  • Carolane Gagné
    • B.SC., CAT(C)
    • Athletic Therapist
  • Mai-Linh Dovan


    Mai-Linh is the founder of Rehab-U | Movement & Performance Therapy. She holds a Master's degree in Exercise Science from Concordia University, where she worked in collaboration with the Department of Psychology and the Center for Research in Human Development. With more than 20 years of experience in sport and training, she has developed a functional training approach with integrated rehabilitation that she uses with many athletes. Entrepreneur and having taught at Concordia University, she values the sharing of ​​knowledge, presenting at several conferences and offering continuing education courses to ensure the development and competence of strength and conditioning professionals.


    • B.Sc. Athletic Therapy, Concordia University, 2001
    • M.Sc. Exercise Science, Concordia University, 2013
    • Level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST®), 2019
    • M1 Graston Technique® Therapy, 2019
  • Léa Thibault


    Léa joined Rehab-U in November 2019. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Athletic Therapy from Concordia University and is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Kinesiology at the Université de Montréal. A former member of the national speed skating development team and currently a coach at the Laval Regional Short Track Center, Léa understands the importance of strength and conditioning for rehabilitation and prevention. With four years of experience on the field and in the clinic, she has had a great role to play in the rehabilitation and return-to-play of several athletes. Léa also acts as a therapist for several international and national sports events in Quebec.


    • B.Sc. Athletic Therapy, Concordia University, 2018
    • Introduction to Competition, Speed Skating Canada, 2016
    • Master in Kinesiology, University of Montreal, 2019 - present
  • Carolane Gagné


    Carolane holds a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Therapy from Concordia University. She has notable expertise when it comes to acute or chronic injuries as well as on field urgent care as she worked with high level collegiate athletes for over 4 years. She has been responsible for the pre-game preparation of athletes, their clinical assessment and rehabilitation process for a quick and timely return to play.

    Carolane understands the importance of a functional approach to rehabilitation and training and enjoys teaching people how to move in an optimal and safe way through personal training and group training at MissFit Laval. She herself has played multiple sports throughout the years such as soccer, rugby, kickboxing, CrossFit, and is currently pursuing broomball at an elite level.

    Her expertise will help ensure you reduce your chances of injury through prevention, perform at your maximum potential and ultimately exercise pain free.


    • B.Sc. Athletic Therapy, Concordia University, 2017


Movement & Performance Therapy services are available in several locations in the Greater Montreal Area

  • Gym Le Vestiaire

    8490 rue Jeanne-Mance
    #104, Montréal,
    QC H2P 2S3

    Tu: 12h - 20h
    W: 13h - 16h
    Th: 11h - 16h

  • Gym L'Escouade

    5210 route 132,
    QC J5C 1L4

    M: 12h - 20h
    W: 8h - 20h

  • MissFit Laval

    2940 Boulevard le Corbusier,
    Laval, QC H7L 3M2

    W: 8h - 12h
    Th: 15h - 19h


“Mai-Linh is a very meticulous and a highly professional rehab specialist. The results came quickly: 6 months into cooperation and a year into the injury I am able to lift significant weights, perform backflips and various gymnastics elements I never thought I would be able to do in such a short period of time. Working with Mai-Linh is a pinnacle of training experience.”


Stuntman and lifter

“Thank you again for everything you have done for me!!! After 3 years of problems and no results with different professionals, you knew how to find the right solution for me! Thank you!”


Coach and lifter

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