Upper Body Mobility

The Upper Body Mobility Program is designed to improve movement quality of the shoulder complex and upper extremity for optimal performance. The program provides mobility and stability work applied using a Joint/Region Above and Joint/Region Below approach: by ensuring appropriate mobility and stability of the joints/regions above and below the shoulder, we can better set the stage for improved shoulder mobility.

While the focus is on mobility, this program is built upon a Mobilization-Activation-Integration strategy. The objective of the mobilization sequence is to create space, and as this is a mobility program, most of the focus lies there. However, we have included activation work as well to make it easy to integrate this into your usual workout prep. The program is 12-weeks long and the exercises take 12-15 minutes to complete.

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Why have we created a mobility program? To reinforce efficient movement patterns, you must be able to move efficiently. Limitations in movement that come from poor soft-tissue quality and/or mobility are a significant barrier to movement quality and need to be addressed if we hope to perform optimally. If your shoulders are not mobile enough to get into proper positions, you will not be successful in transferring maximal force to the barbell. This is what we call a “strength leak”: you transfer energy less efficiently into your movements.