Level 1

Movement Optimization for Prehab and Performance

2-day live course

Do you find it difficult to adapt your training to keep clients moving around pain? Do you want to learn to assess and fix dysfunctions that may lead to or contribute to pain? Fundamental movement optimization is the first step towards renewed function and pain-free performance.

Level 1 Movement Optimization for Prehab and Performance is a 2-day live course offered for personal trainers, fitness professionals and health care providers wishing to develop a comprehensive functional training approach rooted in clinical strategies and geared towards injury prevention and performance. It will provide you with principles to effectively assess and establish the fundamentals of movement: mobility, stability/motor control, patterning and sequencing.  It is the onset of your journey towards becoming a Movement & Performance Therapy Specialist.

Leave this course having learned

  • Foundational theories and clinical concepts (applicable for the strength coach/fitness professional) for movement optimization
  • Mobility and Stability: An alternative view on why and how we use mobility tools
  • Movement Optimization Strategy: Mobilization – Activation – Integration
  • Breathing and the Core: Strategies for proper breathing and a stronger core
  • Foot Mechanics: Assessment and intervention for foot stability
  • Functional anatomy and common dysfunctions of the shoulder and hip complex
  • Common myths and miscues for the shoulder and hip complex
  • Functional Assessment: Identification of movement limitations and dysfunction
  • Corrective and rehabilitative exercise for impactful intervention
  • Movement Optimization programming for prehab and performance
  • Case Study

Course Agenda

This course is built upon an approach developed through years of working with clients in the gym to get them out of pain, restore function, and unleash full performance potential. Our 2-day course features innovative approaches that you will be confident in applying immediately thanks to multiple hours of hands-on practical work.

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Continuing Education
Credits (CECs)

  • canfitpro CECs: 4 PTS, FIS, HWL
  • CATA (Canadian Athletic Therapists Association) CEUs: 5.6
  • ACE (American Council on Exercise) CECs: 1.2
  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) CEUs: 1.4
  • Approved for GoodLife Fitness Black Belt as an Additional Course
  • Movati PT approved
  • AKKOMQ approved
  • CPTN CECs: 7

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Level 1 Movement Optimization for Prehab and Performance certificate

If you move on to the Level 2 course, you will be able to earn your Movement & Performance Therapy Specialist credential.

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The Fundamental
Movement Optimization

An innovative approach to Prehab and Performance

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Mai-Linh Dovan

Mai-Linh Dovan’s 20 years of experience in Athletic Therapy and Strength and Conditioning have led her to the development of a comprehensive and unique functional training approach with integrated rehabilitation. The Movement Optimization for Prehab and Performance Course was designed using this innovative approach, rooted in clinical strategies and geared towards prevention and performance. This course will allow you to get your clients moving like never before!

What some experts have to say about Mai-Linh

“Mai-Linh is by far one of the best functional rehab specialists I have known, not only because her scientific knowledge is very high, but because she lives the lifestyle. Knowledge is very important, but know-how is just as important, and she has both in more than enough quantity to be a world-class expert.”

Christian Thibaudeau

World-renown trainer and coach and founder of Thibarmy.com

“Mai-Linh’s course was critical for our coaches’ development. Thanks to her insight, the confidence we now have to deliver a full rehabilitation and movement optimization process to our athletes is locked in.”

Justin Kavanaugh

World-renown sports performance specialist and founder of The Sport and Speed Institute


“Mai’s approach allowed me to better understand the blend between clinical rehab strategies and functional strength training principles. I have much more confidence in assessing and implementing solutions with clients, while keeping them on their goal to becoming stronger humans! Great course”

Sathish Muneeswaran

Personal Trainer – Strength Coach

“Very applicable information that can be used right away with all clients.  Also, the value of what was learned greatly exceeds what had to be paid for the course.”

Stephanie Fung

Personal Trainer

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